10 Beautifully Blended Musicals for Easter

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When we say, "blended" with respect to worship music, we're simply referring to the merging of traditional and contemporary styles. Blending these styles together often helps us minister more effectively to a broader group of people with different preferences in music.

The following musicals present some incredible offerings that celebrate the Resurrection of Christ with music that ministers to those with more contemporary tastes–and those who prefer a more traditional approach.
We invite you to explore these beautifully blended musicals that were created stylistically to bring both traditional and contemporary music together for one incredible Easter worship experience!

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Easter: A Time for New BeginningsEASTER MUSICAL
Easter: A Time for New Beginnings
Arranged by Luke Gambill, Dennis Allen, Kris Crunk, Robert Sterling, Kristie Braselton, Regi Stone
Setting our hearts and minds on the incredible love of Christ, this moving and heartfelt musical is the perfect combination of blended to contemporary worship and inspirational narrations that together create a truly meaningful Easter experience!

Lamb of Calvary: An Easter CelebrationEASTER MUSICAL
Lamb of Calvary: An Easter Celebration
Arranged by Dave Williamson
Ranging from inspirational to blended to gospel, this half-hour resurrection celebration features six masterfully arranged SATB anthems & hymn favorites from the pen of the late Dave Williamson interwoven with narrations from Matthew’s gospel. Easy to medium difficulty. Includes brass for 3 songs.

We Have Seen the Lord: An Easter MusicalEASTER MUSICAL
We Have Seen the Lord: An Easter Musical
Arranged by Dennis Allen
Inspiring and accessible, this straightforward 34-minute telling of the Easter story with simple narration features 8 arrangements curated from the best of Dennis Allen. For traditional, blended, and light contemporary worship settings, this SATB work features a number of beloved Easter hymns.

Remember the CrossEASTER MUSICAL
Remember the Cross
Arranged by Dennis Allen, Russell Mauldin, Cliff Duren, Marty Parks
For blended and contemporary settings, this worshipful 40-minute cantata with narration weaves together 9 songs (from such accessible arrangers as Dennis Allen and Russell Mauldin) spanning Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday—ending with an invitation and celebration of Christ’s resurrection!

The Glorious Story of EasterEASTER MUSICAL
The Glorious Story of Easter
Arranged by Dennis Allen, Lura Foster, Bruce Greer, Dave Williamson, Don Pardoe, Camp Kirkland, Russell Mauldin, Hal Wright
For congregations wanting to blend familiar Easter hymns with light contemporary anthems, this inspiring full-length (40-min.) musical invites us into the Resurrection story through short narrations & accessible arrangements from Dennis Allen, Bruce Greer, Russell Mauldin, Dave Williamson & others.

Eyewitness to EasterEASTER MUSICAL
Eyewitness to Easter
Arranged by Dave Williamson, Camp Kirkland, Tom Fettke, Robert Sterling, Dennis Allen
This 35-minute journey from Palm Sunday to Easter Morning through eyewitness accounts of 7 biblical characters features 10 easy to medium SATB anthems by arrangers Dave Williamson, Tom Fettke, Robert Sterling, Camp Kirkland, Dennis Allen, and others.

The Life of ChristEASTER MUSICAL
The Life of Christ
Arranged by Randy E. Burk, Marty Parks, Dave Williamson, Russell Mauldin, Bruce Greer
Through song and narration, The Life Of Christ looks upon the Son of God and Son of Man from multiple angles, from the wonder of the manger to the cruel agony of the cross, to more fully express the unbelievable beauty of the Lord of all, Jesus.

All Things New (A Blended Choral Experience)EASTER MUSICAL
All Things New
Arranged by Kris Crunk
You are invited to take part in an Easter celebration for every generation! This very special 48 minute long musical, featuring worship leader narration, honors our God both through the singing of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs and by singing to the Lord a new song!

This Wondrous LoveEASTER MUSICAL
This Wondrous Love
Arranged by Kris Crunk
This Wondrous Love is a powerful celebration of Christ’s sacrifice and triumph over the grave! This 37 minute musical with narration features medleys of beloved hymns (plus a few new songs) in arrangements that are perfect for smaller choirs or choirs with limited rehearsal time.

Almighty King
Arranged by Dennis Allen, J. Daniel Smith, Bruce Greer
Featuring magnificent songs set to lush, fully orchestrated tracks, Almighty King is a masterpiece of Easter contemplation and rejoicing. From the suffering of the One who knew no sin to the victory over death and sin that only He could accomplish, this musical honors our truly Almighty King!

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