An Easter Invitation

Welcome to this brief overview of Discover Worship’s new and exclusive Easter musical, An Easter Invitation.” For decidedly contemporary worship settings, this powerful 7-song, 30-minute adult choir musical recounts the price of Christ’s sacrifice at Calvary, the power of his resurrection, and the certainty of his promise to return and make all things new—leading to an invitation to accept God’s gift of atoning grace.

  • For: Adult Choir
  • Style: Contemporary Worship
  • Length: 7 songs/30+ minutes
  • Settings: SATB, Choir + soloists
  • Difficulty: Easy to medium
Ranging from easy to medium difficulty, An Easter Invitation features SATB choir arrangements by Travis Cottrell, Tim Paul, and J. Daniel Smith, as well as three powerful solo arrangements from Todd Agnew, Micah Kersh, and Regi Stone.

  • Travis Cottrell
  • Tim Paul
  • J. Daniel Smith
  • Todd Agnew
  • Micah Kersh
  • Regi Stone
The short and simple scriptural narration and can be handled by one or more readers. In addition to the audio accompaniment tracks, video tracks are available for 3 of the songs. "An Easter Invitation" is the perfect musical preamble to your pastor’s message and invitation. Click on the video above to hear some of the musical highlights.

If you’d like to hear the whole work, go to and click on the musical to preview the full sheet music and audio demo. If you’re not a member, you’ll need a free account to log on. While you’re on the site, check out dozens of other Easter musicals, suites, and collections—as well as our affordable pricing options—tiered to your average attendance size. Discover Worship offers unlimited access to thousands of great pieces of worship music for your church!
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