Breathe on Us: Songs of Peace

Breathe On Us - Songs of Peace 640x361 In this special feature, we'll explore a collection of anthems that sing of the Lord's peace. When we're in the battle, and we're striving with all our might to run the race, we come full-circle, only to find that we are lost without Him.

In the midst of the struggle, when we look to the Lord, we realize that we're not alone. And no matter how noble our intentions, we can't do it on our own. But when we turn to Him, when we let go and surrender to God, peace comes. Below, our featured songs remind us of the peace available to us when we simply trust in Him. Breathe on us, Lord...

With 3-part, SATB, and Praise & Worship offerings from Regi Stone, Jeremy Horn, Jim Hammerly, and others, you're sure to find a selection of songs that will encourage and uplift your congregation with the Lord's peace and a gentle reminder that we are not alone!

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Breathe on Me
Arranged by Jim Hammerly
This poignant song of contrition by Natalie Grant for soloist and 3-part choir invites the Holy Spirit to indwell and empower the believer. Serves well in blended and contemporary worship settings.

Breathe on Us
Arranged by Jeremy Horn
From worship leader Jeremy Horn comes this atmospheric invitation for God's Spirit to fill our hearts and lives with his renewing presence. Arranged for worship leader with harmonies for a second vocalist, this piece serves well in contemporary settings. Could simply be used for soloist alone.

Breathe (w/ video track)

Arranged by Regi Stone, Jeff Ferguson
From Regi Stone, this simple, quiet ballad is a modern worship prayer that will encourage your church to "trust the Lord in everything...and breathe." [Lyric video accompaniment track available for Unlimited PLUS Members.]

Whatever It Takes
Arranged by Jim Hammerly
This gentle, rich, and heartfelt song of surrender for 3-part choir and soloist/worship leader will breathe new life into your service. With a touch of gospel feel, this piece serves well in blended and contemporary worship settings.

I Am Not AloneSATB (EASY)
I Am Not Alone
Arranged by Dave Williamson
A lovely 4-part choral anthem with soloist that reverently sings of God's grace and authority. A flexible song that could function well in many worship settings, from traditional to contemporary.

Breathe On MeSATB (EASY)
Breathe on Me
Arranged by Kyle Hill
Flowing and sincere, this heartfelt ballad features a soprano soloist with SATB choir providing thoughtful support.

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Jaymey Hardin

Jaymey Hardin

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