Choral Worship: The Name Above All Names

Choral Worship - The Name Above All Names 640x361 There's no other name like the name of Jesus, and no other name brings peace, power, healing, and freedom like His name! The following choral anthems center around the name of Jesus and sing of our love and gratitude for Him. These songs include 3-part, SATB, Gospel, and Praise & Worship arrangements, and they remind us of the freedom available to us when we call upon His name.

With compelling lyrics and beautiful arrangements, your congregation will join in and lift their voices in worship as they sing out the name of Jesus. And as we sing His name, it's incredibly reassuring to know that He knows our names...each and every one of us. What a friend we have in Jesus!

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Breathe Your Name3-PART (EASY)
Breathe Your Name
Arranged by Kyle Hill
This engaging light contemporary anthem proclaims that the name of Jesus is worthy of our praise.

Call Upon the Name of the Lord3-PART (EASY)
Call Upon the Name of the Lord
Call Upon the Name of the Lord (w/ video)

Arranged by Jim Hammerly
For blended and contemporary services, this anthem encourages us to call upon the Lord, having faith in His name. If you're looking for a profound, yet easy to learn song of worship, take a listen. For 3-part choir and soloist. [Lyric video accompaniment track available to Unlimited PLUS Members.]

The Name of JesusSATB (EASY)
The Name of Jesus
Arranged by Tim Paul
A personal reflection of a relationship with the name of Jesus, this work is softly and beautifully arranged for SATB choir with male soloist.

The Is Power in the Name of JesusSATB (MEDIUM DIFFICULTY)
The Is Power in the Name of Jesus
The Is Power in the Name of Jesus (w/ video)

Arranged by Dave Williamson
With pieces from the classic hymn "There Is Power In The Blood," this piece delivers an anthemic declaration for solo + SATB choir proclaiming the hope, healing, & victory in the name of Jesus. Fits well in any service. [Lyric video accompaniment track available for Unlimited PLUS Members]

No Other NameSATB (EASY)
No Other Name
Arranged by Dave Williamson
"No other name can stir my soul, can fill my heart with wonder." A reverent piece that sings of the goodness of the name of Jesus, this SATB choral anthem would work well in blended and contemporary worship services.

When I Speak Your Name
When I Speak Your Name (w/ orchestra)

Arranged by J. Daniel Smith
This joyous anthem extols the powerful name of Jesus and the many blessings that come from calling on him. Arranged for soloist and SATB choir, an optional orchestration is also available.

Name Above All NamesPRAIS & WORSHIP (EASY)
Name Above All Names
Name Above All Names (w/ video)

Arranged by David M Edwards
This stirring anthem exalts the name above all names, Jesus. Proclaiming His Majesty and drawing us into a deeper place of worship to our Savior. For blended or contemporary settings. [Lyric Video accompaniment track available to Unlimited PLUS Members.]

The Shepherd Knows Your NameSATB (MEDIUM DIFFICULTY)
The Shepherd Knows Your Name
The Shepherd Knows Your Name (w/ orchestra)

Arranged by Phillip Keveren
This gorgeous ballad from Phillip Keveren is a beautiful reminder that Christ knows us each by name and with great compassion, he hears every prayer. Features a soprano solo and 4-part choir. [Full orchestration available for Unlimited PLUS Members.]

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Jaymey Hardin

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