Communion: Songs of Remembrance

Communion Songs of Remembrance 640x361 In this feature, we'll examine some beautiful songs that point to the bread and the cup. These special pieces remind us of Christ's body broken for us, His blood shed for us, and they call us to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf.

The Bible says, "On the night when the Lord Jesus was betrayed, He took bread, gave thanks, broke it, and said, “This is My body; it’s for you! Do this in remembrance of Me.” He did the same with the cup after supper, and said, “This cup is the new covenant in My blood. Whenever you drink it, do this in remembrance of Me.”

As we take the bread and the cup, we give thanks, and we remember all that He has done. The following songs of remembrance include SATB, 2-part, and Praise & Worship offerings that focus our hearts on Christ and give thanks for His sacrifice.

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Arranged by Craig Smith
Craig Smith has penned a powerful new modern worship song that calls us to remember Christ’s sacrifice at the cross by praising him with our whole hearts. This deeply emotional song is easily learned for Easter or year-round as a great communion song.

Let Us Bow DownSATB (EASY)
Let Us Bow Down
Let Us Bow Down (w/ simple orchestration)

Arranged by John Patrick
A heartfelt and energetic song of worship, this SATB choral anthem fits well in a blended or contemporary setting. Easily learned and easily added to any worship set rotation, this song sings of surrendering to and worshiping the Lord. [Simple Orchestration available to Unlimited PLUS Members]

RememberSATB (EASY)
Arranged by John Patrick
This rich representation of the first Communion for SATB choir, featuring a substantial solo sang from the perspective of Jesus, includes an extended instrumental section for distribution of the elements. Serves well in blended and contemporary settings.

Remember What He's DoneSATB (EASY)
Remember What He's Done
Arranged by Dave Williamson
An upbeat, guitar-driven proclamation of God's faithfulness through every circumstance! Beginning with ladies unison and then expanding to 3-part choir, this piece brightly builds and would find an easy home in your blended or contemporary services.

Remember Me2-PART (EASY)
Remember Me
Arranged by Dan McGowan
For traditional and blended worship settings, this beautiful piece for 2-part choir (with occasional 4-part accents) would be a reverent and memorable choice for a time of communion.

We Remember YouSATB (EASY)
We Remember You
Arranged by Hal Wright
For the SATB choir in traditional settings, this delicate song of reflection calls us to remember Christ's sacrifice for our salvation. Perfect for communion.

Do Lord, Do Remember MeA CAPELLA (EASY)
Do Lord, Do Remember Me (a capella)
Do Lord, Do Remember Me (w/ video track)

Arranged by Russell Mauldin
A favorite at conferences over the years, this classic in a cappella form reminds us of our Father's never-ending love. You'll find this a fun and enjoyable addition to any service! [Lyric video track available for Unlimited PLUS Members.]

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Jaymey Hardin

Jaymey Hardin

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