Easter Musicals Made Simple

By Jaymey Hardin

If you're looking for something simpler for your choir or ensemble this Easter, look no further! Many of our member churches have expressed a desire for musicals that are easier to plan and perform. The "Simple Easter Series" was originally created in 2021 as a response to the pandemic and the need to offer simpler musicals that could be performed by fewer singers and musicians.

While we're still dealing with the challenges of COVID-19 – and these simplified musicals help to address those concerns, they're also perfect for churches with smaller choirs and worship teams and they require less time to prepare!

To that end, we present three of our best-loved musicals from the past that have been completely re-imagined with significantly different song selections! Designed for smaller choirs and worship teams, these simple musicals are easier to perform, while still capturing the profound meaning of Christ's death and resurrection.

We’ve kept the original structure and narration for these three musicals but substituted songs that are much more easily performed by soloists, ensembles, and even your congregation. We hope you'll enjoy our line-up of Easter Musicals-Made-Simple!

Christ Is Risen! An Easter Mini-musical (simple)SOLO/SATB CHOIR
Christ Is Risen! An Easter Mini-musical (simple) 
Arranged by Various
This 5-song, 22-minute Easter mini-musical tells the story of Holy Week with accessible, inspirational arrangements from Dennis Allen, Russell Mauldin, and others. Perfect for the blended choir/ensemble looking to present a fresh but reverent musical segment for your Easter celebration.


The Cup, The Cross, The Crown (simple)SOLO/DUET/SATB CHOIR
The Cup, The Cross, The Crown (simple) 
Arranged by Various
Ranging from inspirational to lite contemporary in style, this 8-song, 26-minute, simplified musical with narration traces Jesus’ journey from the triumphant entry to the empty tomb using the images of the cup, the cross, and the crown. Includes solos, duets, and singable 4-part arrangements.


Sing We Now of Easter: A Concert of Resurrection Hymns (simple)4-PART ENSEMBLE and CONGREGATION
Sing We Now of Easter: A Concert of Resurrection Hymns (simple) 
Arranged by Various
This concert of 5 majestic hymn medleys is designed for your SATB ensemble to lead your congregation in worship during your Easter service. Arranged by Dave Williamson, Russell Mauldin, and others, this 14-minute program is traditional to blended in style. While “simplified,” this work still requires competent singers for each vocal part. Likewise, the choir director will need to be able to conduct the singers as well as cue the congregation to sing at the appropriate times.

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All of these are available for immediate download for our Unlimited PLUS Members. If you’d like to hear more, go to DiscoverWorship.com and click on the musical to preview the full sheet music and audio demo. If you’re not a member, you’ll need a free account to log on. While you’re on our site, check out dozens of other Easter musicals, suites, and collections—as well as our affordable pricing options—tiered to your average attendance size. Discover Worship offers unlimited access to thousands of great pieces of church music!

Discover Worship offers unlimited access to dozens of musicals to our member churches for one low annual price. Here are 5 More Simple Musicals for Easter for your consideration:

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Jaymey Hardin

Jaymey Hardin

Jaymey Hardin has been a noteworthy leader in the Contemporary Christian Music market for more than 20 years. Known for his work in marketing, product development, and A&R, he is also credited for his contributions as a videographer and musician. He is the son of a preacher man and has a heart for the church. He and his wife, Lindsay live in Franklin, TN, and are expecting their very first... dog.

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