Our Year-End Survey Results Are In!

FEB 20_BLOG_OUR YEAR END RESULTS ARE IN_640x361Over the past 20 years, thousands of churches have taken advantage of Discover Worship (and its predecessor, Worship Today) for all-inclusive access to thousands of great pieces of church music and the resources needed to rehearse and perform them. We genuinely appreciate each one of you and periodically survey our past, current, and prospective customers about your music ministries and how we’re serving you. With almost 200 respondents, here’s what you told us...


  • More than three-quarters of you are volunteer (38%) or part time (40%).
  • Almost all of you (95%) have choirs or vocal ensembles. More than 60% have fewer than 20 in choir; just over 30% have more than 20.
  • 82% of you have had children’s choirs or ensembles in the past year.
  • 66% of you have worship teams, but only 25% of you have more than 5 people on that team.
  • 43% of you are Baptist, 21% are Methodist, and 12% are mainline (Episcopal, Presbyterian).


  • More than 50% of you have a budget of $500 or less, and more than one third of those have no budget and/or are self-funded.
  • 71% of you perform Christmas musicals and 51% perform Easter musicals. 26% don’t perform musicals at all. This is down slightly since our last survey.
  • 33% of you consider Discover Worship to be your main source for new music. 20% of you prefer to search online. Less than 10% of you rely on choral clubs.
  • Your goals are admirable: 64% of you are actively working to enrich the spiritual lives of your music ministry members and 72% are doing all you can to increase the number of those members.
  • Your challenges are great: more than 50% of you struggle with a lack of trained musicians, 46% are working with tough budget limitations, and 39% of you are working hard at time management.


  • 89% rate DW’s music as a 4 or 5 out of 5
  • 89% rate DW’s website as a 4 or 5 out of 5

Top Ten Things Our Members Love (from more than 200 comments!):

  1. Great quality, variety & selection
  2. Ease and convenience
  3. Tremendous value & affordability
  4. Full-length sheet music previews & audio demos
  5. Make unlimited copies on demand
  6. Weekly newsletter, blogs & articles
  7. Helpful customer service
  8. Sync with scripture passages
  9. Instrumental selections
  10. Availability of lyric videos

The bottom line is that YOU are the hero of this story! Your commitment to musical quality and spiritual integrity makes a difference for untold thousands of parishioners, week in and week out.

Thanks again for letting Discover Worship be part of your story. Your feedback is very encouraging, and we'd be honored if you'd share your enthusiasm with your colleagues in music ministry!

Regi Stone, creative director
Vince Wilcox, general manager
Andrew Collins, customer care manager
Jaymey Hardin, sales manager
Mellie Brackett, administrative manager
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