Refer a Friend and Get 20% Back (and Your Friend Gets 20% Off as Well)!


This year marks the 20th anniversary of Discover Worship. And we’ve got a gift for you and your music ministry colleagues...

Originally founded as Worship Today, our company’s value proposition was to make finding and getting great church music easier and more economical. In 1999, we started out mailing a monthly magazine of reproducible sheet music along with CDs that included demos and tracks.

By 2010, we’d evolved to an all online format, and became—to the best of our knowledge—the first totally online choral music service in the marketplace.

These days, our Weekly Update email usually features one new release plus a handful of featured titles centering on a specific theme or arranger, along with a helpful blog and some video resources.
Refer a Friend!  They'll Save 20% - You'll Get 20% Back - Learn More!As you know, Discover Worship offers a Basic Unlimited membership (that gives churches unlimited access to the demos, tracks, sheet music and charts to more than 2000 works) as well as an Unlimited PLUS level (all that plus select orchestrations, video accompaniment tracks, and more than 75 seasonal musicals and suites).

By our calculations, the original arranger and production costs for our catalog exceed one million dollars!

The reason we’re able to offer our subscribers such an extraordinary value is that our publisher partners have graciously agreed to modestly compensated blanket licenses for their compositions, and we’ve been able to pass the savings along to you.

The good news is that choir directors and worship leaders love Discover Worship. In addition to glowing reviews, more than 80% of our members continue on from year to year. In the world of online subscription services, this is nothing short of extraordinary. And to those of you who have been faithful members down through the years, we genuinely appreciate you being a part of our family.

The bad news is that less churches than ever have choirs and need choir music.

This means that the number of Discover Worship members has remained fairly static over the past several years. While we’re grateful for each and every subscriber, we need to expand our membership base to continue to offer the quality and quantity of music we offer at our current low prices.

So, we have a favor to ask you in light of our 20th anniversary:

Would you be willing to recommend Discover Worship to your choir director and worship leader colleagues?

In return, if they purchase an annual membership, we’ll give them a 20% discount off their new subscription AND we’ll send you a 20% rebate off what you paid for your current subscription!

We know that the main reason someone comes to church is that someone in the congregation invites them.

People join your choir because someone in the choir invites them.

Likewise, many of our new members come in because folks like you share your enthusiasm for Discover Worship.

For the rest of 2019, our 20th anniversary year, refer a friend and get 20% back…and your friend will get 20% off. So, if you get five of your friends to join, the total cost of your current subscription will be refunded to you!
Refer a Friend!  They'll Save 20% - You'll Get 20% Back - Learn More!

So, what are the mechanics of referring a friend and getting your rebate? Simply copy and paste the following (or something like it) into an email and forward it to your friends in ministry:

Dear Friend,

I thought you might be interested in a terrific online choral music service our church has been using. Rather than me telling you about how convenient and affordable and excellent the music is, you can check it out at

For a limited time, they’re running a “Refer a Friend” special where you’ll get 20% off your new annual membership, and I’ll get a 20% rebate off my current one if you join.

Just use the coupon code: 202020 when you check out. Then, when they confirm your membership by email, simply let them know that I referred you, and they’ll take care of me.

Please consider checking out Discover Worship. Shoot me an email or give me a call if you’d like to hear firsthand how Discover Worship has reduced my frustration, saved me time and money, and helped me enjoy my music ministry more.

 All the best,


Likewise, if you use social media, you can link to this blog and encourage your colleagues to look into Discover Worship.

We hope this doesn’t sound too mercenary. In reality, you’re not taking advantage of your colleagues; rather, you’re helping them take advantage of the best deal in church music today! Additionally, you’ll be helping our company expand our impact and financial base.

Looking forward to our next 20 years together!

—Regi Stone, creative director
—Vince Wilcox, general manager




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