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We realize how time-consuming it is to find the perfect Easter musical for your choir. If you're a member of a choral club, you have to wait for the box to arrive, find time to listen to the CDs, review the books, and then weigh your options.

This year, Discover Worship has made the selection process a lot easier.

We've created short 4-5 minute overviews of 16 of our most popular musicals—all of which are exclusive to Discover Worship. Click on any of the images below and you'll get the basic info: arrangers, length, difficulty, story line—as well as four to five snippets from key songs. 

Once you find the ones that interest you most, you can go to our site, and preview the entire audio and sheet music online.

So grab a soda and some's movie time!

Regi Stone, creative director

PS: Discover Worship offers more than 30 Easter musicals, mini-musicals, and suites for immediate download and unlimited duplication for your singers and musicians—all for one low annual price based on your average attendance. CLICK HERE for pricing.


Christ Is Risen: An Easter Mini-Musical 
Arranged by Russell Mauldin, Dave Williamson, Kyle Hill, Dennis Allen, Terry Winch
This 7-song, 20-minute Easter Mini-Musical tells the story of Holy Week with accessible, inspirational arrangements from Dennis Allen, Russell Mauldin, and Dave Williamson, and others. Perfect for the blended choir looking to present a fresh but reverent musical segment for your Easter celebration.


Jesus Paid It All: An Easy Easter Celebration 
Arranged by Dan McGowan, Dave Williamson, Kyle Hill, Russell Mauldin
For the blended church choir with limited resources, this simple and short 21-minute Easter musical with narration focuses on Christ's sacrifice and features 6 singable pieces by such accessible arrangers as Kyle Hill, Russell Mauldin, and Dave Williamson.


Redeemer: The Timeless Story of Easter 
Arranged by Bruce Greer, Hal Wright, Kyle Hill, Robert Sterling, Luke Woodard
For traditional or blended worship settings, this very simply arranged 30-minute Easter cantata uses 8 familiar hymns and new compositions—along with short narration segments—to tell the timeless story of Easter for those who haven’t heard as well as for those who know it well.


Remember The Cross 
Arranged by Dennis Allen, Russell Mauldin, Cliff Duren, Marty Parks
For blended and contemporary settings, this worshipful 40-minute cantata with narration weaves together 9 songs (from such accessible arrangers as Dennis Allen and Russell Mauldin) spanning Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday—ending with an invitation and celebration of Christ’s resurrection!


The Glorious Story of Easter: A Contemporary Easter Musical 
Arranged by Dennis Allen, Lura Foster, Bruce Greer, Dave Williamson, Don Pardoe, Camp Kirkland, Russell Mauldin, Hal Wright
For congregations wanting to blend familiar Easter hymns with light contemporary anthems, this inspiring full-length (40-min.) musical invites us into the Resurrection story through short narrations & accessible arrangements from Dennis Allen, Bruce Greer, Russell Mauldin, Dave Williamson & others.



Simply Easter 
Arranged by Jim Hammerly, Dave Williamson, Luke Woodard, and others
For small choirs or larger choirs with limited skills, this fresh yet reverent celebration of the resurrection for 2-part and 3-part choir and soloists will work in traditional, blended, or contemporary settings.


The Cup, The Cross, The Crown: An Easter Musical 
Arranged by Dan McGowan, Camp Kirkland, Kyle Hill, Bruce Greer, Dennis Allen, John Patrick
Ranging from inspirational to lite contemporary in style, this 8-song, 34-minute, easy to medium-difficulty musical with narration traces Jesus’ journey from the triumphant entry to the empty tomb using the images of the cup, the cross, and the crown.


Lamb of Calvary: An Easter Celebration featuring the songs of Dave Williamson 
Arranged by Dave Williamson
Ranging from inspirational to blended to gospel, this half-hour resurrection celebration features six masterfully arranged SATB anthems & hymn favorites from the pen of the late Dave Williamson interwoven with narrations from Matthew’s gospel. Easy to medium difficulty. Includes brass for 3 songs.


We Have Seen The Lord: An Easter Musical featuring the arrangements of Dennis Allen 
Arranged by Dennis Allen
Inspiring and accessible, this straightforward 34-minute telling of the Easter story with simple narration features 8 arrangements curated from the best of Dennis Allen. For traditional, blended, and light contemporary worship settings, this SATB work features a number of beloved Easter hymns.



Love So Amazing: A Contemporary Easter Celebration featuring the songs of Regi Stone 
Arranged by Jim Hammerly, Travis Cottrell, Cliff Duren, Bradley Knight
Vibrant and passionate, this contemporary 40-minute musical tells the story of God’s amazing love thru 8 of Regi Stone’s most beloved songs arranged for soloist and 3 & 4-part choir by Travis Cottrell, Bradley Knight, and Cliff Duren. Medium difficulty, requiring one or more competent soloists.


Crown Him With Many Crowns: An Easter Suite With Brass 
Arranged by Jeff Lippencott, William David Young, Bill Wolaver, Bruce Greer
Regal and worshipful, this 16-minute, 4-song Easter suite w/brass features arrangements from Jeff Lippencott, Bruce Greer, and others. Theologically rich lyrics, familiar hymns, and brief narrator parts make this an ideal musical centerpiece to a traditional or blended Easter service.


The King Of Glory Lives: A Gospel-Flavored Easter Mini-Musical 
Arranged by Dave Williamson, Kris Crunk, Bradley Knight, Bruce Greer
Infuse energy, power, and passion into your Easter Celebration with this 22 minute long gospel-flavored mini-musical for 3 and 4-part choir and capable soloists. Arrangers include Dave Williamson, Kris Crunk, Bradley Knight, and Bruce Greer. Short narrations & limited orchestra/brass parts included.


Because of the Cross (Traditional): 7 Ways the Resurrection Changes Our Lives 
Arranged by Russell Mauldin, Dave Williamson, Robert Sterling and others
Rather than simply telling the story of Easter, this SATB musical powerfully communicates— through song, scripture, and extended narrations—seven ways Christ’s death and resurrection radically transforms our lives.


Because of the Cross (Contemporary): 7 Ways the Resurrection Changes Our Lives 
Arranged by Dennis Allen, Travis Cottrell, Dave Williamson and others
Rather than simply telling the story of Easter, this SATB musical powerfully communicates— through song, scripture, and extended narrations—seven ways Christ’s death and resurrection radically transforms our lives – through more contemporary song selections.


What Wondrous Love: A Sacred Easter Cantata 
Arranged by Rod Jeffords, Hal Wright, David Lantz III, David McKay, Bruce Greer, Dennis Allen, Joe Linn
With reverence and sophistication, this moderately difficult 40-minute cantata w/short, biblical narration spans Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday & Good Friday to Resurrection Sunday. Features nine 2-, 3- & 4-part arrangements with piano prelude, a cappella piece & optional “Hallelujah Chorus" finale.


Sing We Now Of Easter: A Concert of Resurrection Hymns 
Arranged by Bill Wolaver, Tom Fettke, Bruce Greer, Dave Williamson, Terry Winch, Eugene Thomas, Russell Mauldin, Hal Wright
This concert of majestic Easter Hymns features 9 of the Church’s most beloved songs for traditional SATB choir from today’s most respected arrangers. From easy to medium difficulty, pieces can be performed individually or with included narration as a 35-minute concert.

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