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Is the Choral Music Subscription Service the Future of Sheet Music?

May 03, 2017

Let's start with a short history of sheet music...


24 Answers to Your Survey Feedback Questions

January 17, 2017

Here are 24 of your most frequently asked—and most easily answered—questions. Many of them had.


Year-End Survey Results

January 09, 2017

Late last year, we asked our customers about their music ministries and how we’re serving them..


Unraveling the "Announcement Enigma"

December 05, 2016

QUESTION: Our church makes announcements immediately following the worship music. This feels.


10 Helpful Reminders for Singers

November 29, 2016

by Craig Adams

I urge you to hold fast to the following passage of scripture. It’s my prayer.


Building a Worship Team: Who's Driving?

October 10, 2016



When two, or even all three of these chordal instruments try to be the driving element of.


Keeping Solid Time for Your Worship Team

September 12, 2016



In my earlier years of playing bass guitar in bands, I worked with my fellow musicians.


Assessing The Room Volume

August 05, 2016



Even people who don’t think they can sing will sing in the shower … and enjoy it! Why?


5 Words For Our Beloved Sound Techs

October 12, 2015

by Adam Kurihara from


The Wrong Key (and How to Find the Right One!)

October 05, 2015



In a previous post, we discussed the current wealth of worship music playing on the.


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