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2nd Sunday of Advent: Songs of Bethlehem & Love

October 18, 2021

by Jaymey HardinBelow, you'll find a list of songs specifically curated for the 2nd Sunday of.


1st Sunday of Advent: Songs of Prophecy & Hope

October 08, 2021

by Jaymey HardinBelow, you'll find a selection of arrangements that are ideal for Advent and.


Peaceful Moments: Fall

October 01, 2021

By Jaymey Hardin

Welcome to our preview of Peaceful Moments: Fall. This contemplative.


10 Perfect Piano Pieces for Christmas

September 27, 2021

by Jaymey HardinFeatured below are some of Discover Worship's very best piano pieces for the.


5 Regi Stone Choral Favorites for Christmas

September 21, 2021

by Jaymey HardinThe following list highlights 5 choral Christmas favorites from artist,.


10 Terrific Russell Mauldin Anthems for Christmas

September 12, 2021

by Jaymey HardinThis beautiful list of Christmas favorites showcases 10 terrific anthems from.


5 Acoustic Small Band Songs for Christmas

September 06, 2021

by Jaymey HardinWelcome to Discover Worship's list of 5 Acoustic Small Band Songs for Christmas!.


10 Terrific Dennis Allen Anthems for Christmas

August 30, 2021

by Jaymey HardinThis very special list of Christmas songs features 10 terrific anthems from the.


10 Terrific Simple Musicals for Christmas

August 16, 2021

by Jaymey Hardin


Living on Earth As We Will in Heaven - A Short Devotional

August 08, 2021

by Vince Wilcox


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