BECAUSE OF THE CROSS (Contemporary): 7 Ways the Resurrection Changes Our Lives

Welcome to this brief overview of Discover Worship’s exclusive Easter musical, BECAUSE OF THE CROSS: 7 Ways the Resurrection Changes Our Lives (Contemporary).

Though Discover Worship offers more than two dozen adult Easter musicals, this year we decided to do something really different. Rather than simply re-telling the Easter narrative from Palm Sunday through Resurrection Sunday, we’ve created a musical that communicates—through song, scripture, and extended narrations—seven ways Christ’s death and resurrection radically transforms our lives…today, tomorrow, and forever!

In fact, we believe this concept is so powerful that we’ve actually produced two different musicals around these transforming truths: one with a blended/contemporary feel and a second version with a more traditional feel. Two different versions. Nine different songs. Same powerful narration. We invite you to check out the musical setting that’s most appropriate for your congregation.

For: Adult Choir
Style: Blended/Contemporary
Length: 9 songs/50+ minutes
Narration: Included
Difficulty: Easy to medium
Settings: SATB with solos

The contemporary version has three and four-part choral arrangements—some with solos—arranged by Dennis Allen, Travis Cottrell, Dave Williamson, and others. Two of the songs come with brass parts and a third has simple orchestra parts if you have access to instrumentalists. The arrangements are fairly easy, but many of the soloist parts might be considered medium difficulty.


  • Dennis Allen
  • Travis Cottrell
  • Kris Crunk
  • James Fenton
  • John Patrick
  • Dave Williamson

Since the narration is a sermon in itself, your pastor may want to handle the duties—or you can split it among two or more readers. The musical opens with “Christ the Lord is Risen Today,” precedes through songs which illustrate seven transformative truths, and then ends with a simple invitation to accept God’s free gift of salvation.

7 Ways the Resurrection Changes Our Lives:

  1. Our sin debt with God is paid in full.
  2. We’re adopted into God’s family as sons and daughters of the King.
  3. We are transformed by the power of his Spirit.
  4. We can be healed in body, mind, and spirit.
  5. We can be unified in love and worship.
  6. We look forward to the new heaven and new earth
  7. We are made ambassadors of this good news!

To preview the full sheet music and audio demo of this musical, click here. If you’re not a member, you’ll need a free account to log on. While you’re on the site, check out dozens of other Easter musicals, suites, and collections—as well as our affordable pricing options—tiered to your average attendance size. Discover Worship offers unlimited access to thousands of great pieces of church music!
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