Come and Worship: A Contemporary Christmas Carol Sing-Along


If your congregation likes sing-along carols, you'll want to consider this option for our Christmas production.


COME AND WORSHIP: A Contemporary Christmas Carol Sing-Along (For Kids of Any Age!)...We know that’s a mouthful; but trust us, it’s worth it!

This Christmas carol sing-along is especially for the young at heart. Translated: it rocks! Actually... it REALLY rocks!Get 3 FREE Christmas Songs from our new musicals with all the demos,  tracks, sheet music, charts and more!Arranged by Dennis Allen, Paul Marino, Dave Cleveland and others, it’s simple enough for younger kids but contemporary enough for a youth choir. You can even take this out and sing it in schools or at your local retirement home. It’s that much fun!

The vocal parts are not that demanding and can be sung by a unison choir. Occasionally, the chorus breaks into 2-parts. There are also some opportunities for solos that could alternately be handled by unison choir or designated to boys/girls only.

Uncompromisingly Christ-centered, these songs and simple narration tell the real Christmas story, providing an opportunity for further testimony or even a message from your pastor.

The whole program is about 30 minutes long, so it lends itself to being a portion of a Christmas Eve or Youth Christmas service.

So, to summarize “COME AND WORSHIP: A Contemporary Christmas Carol Sing-Along (For Kids of Any Age!)” in a word: it “rocks!”

There are two membership levels available: Basic Members get access to more than 2000 songs and downloadable performance assets. Unlimited Members get access to all those songs plus musicals, collections, orchestrations and video accompaniment tracks. Annual subscriptions are now based on your church’s attendance, so smaller churches pay less! Check here to see your savings!

There is simply no easier or more economical way to get unlimited access to great church music than Discover Worship...especially if you're looking for affordable Christmas musicals for small church choir.

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