Leading Your Contemporary Worship Team


In our recent customer survey, some of you asked about how to start a contemporary worship team to supplement what you're doing with your choir. Some churches are interested in using a worship team along with a choir; others use a worship team for a contemporary service held at a different time than the more traditional one. A few of our members use worship teams exclusively.

Save BIG and Get Everything You Need! Yes, everything!Whatever your church's prerogative, we'd like to offer you some short video resources (along with transcribed highlights) from our friend Grant Norsworthy, whose online resource, MoreThanMusicMentor.com, serves worship leaders all around the world.

Here are three practical clips you might find helpful as you develop your worship team ministry:

--Since 2007, Grant Norsworthy has instructed countless church musicians of all skill levels across a wide spectrum of musical styles and many different denominations. In addition to earning a Grammy® nomination and Dove Award during his time in the Paul Colman Trio (PC3) and SonicFlood, Grant's experience as session/touring bassist and as solo artist gave him the experience and expertise to serve the Church as the More Than Music Mentor. For more free resource videos and info about his services, visit www.grantnorsworthy.com.

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