The Elevator Pitch


 by Vince Wilcox

You’ve heard the term “elevator pitch,” right?It’s a really succinct description of what you do and why someone might be if you had less than a minute in an elevator to persuade your prospect.

After all, everybody is an evangelist for something or someone. 

Even if you’re not strictly in sales, taking the time to write and edit an elevator pitch makes you narrow your mission to its most important elements and express it in clear and persuasive words.

Because if you can’t tell someone else what you’re about, then you can’t really expect others to pass along your message. 

So an elevator pitch is useful whether you’re in ministry, business, or both.

And putting one together is harder than it looks. I’ve worked for hours to get the elevator pitch for our service to less than 30 seconds: provides your church
unlimited access to a huge choral music library
for one low annual price 
that’s tiered to the size of your congregation.

You can search 1000’s of selections from today’s top arrangers. 
Then you can preview, download, and make all the copies you need.
You get the demos, the tracks, the piano/vocal sheet music, charts, and more.

Are you interested in having an amazing church music library at your fingertips 
for just a few dollars a week?

There’s my elevator pitch.

If you're already a subscriber, I hope this makes it a little easier for you to tell others about us. 

If you're not a member, I hope this makes you want to find out more about Discover Worship.

[Ding] This is my floor. See you later!

Get 5 FREE Songs!  (with all the demos, tracks, charts, and more)

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Vince Wilcox

Vince Wilcox

Vince Wilcox served as general manager of Discover Worship from 2014 to 2020. As Contributing Editor, he continues to bring his varied experiences as attorney, marketer, entrepreneur, musician, and product creator to help worship leaders acquire resources to glorify God and transform lives. In addition to his duties at Discover Worship, Vince is the full-time director of the Music Business program at Trevecca Nazarene University and active in his local church.

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