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An Interview with Writer/Arranger Craig Adams

July 17, 2019

Christmas in July: 12 Things to Do Now to Make December More Successful!

July 09, 2018

by Vince Wilcox

We’ve all heard the adage “Proper planning prevents poor performance.” There’s a.


The Elevator Pitch

April 22, 2018

 by Vince Wilcox

You’ve heard the term “elevator pitch,” right?


8 Simple Hacks to Help Last Minute Choir Music Panic

September 01, 2017

You’re the music minister at your church. Wednesday morning in staff meeting, your pastor informs.


4 Steps In Dealing With Contentious People

March 01, 2017

Do you have someone in your worship team, choir, or congregation who seems to take exception with.


Are Choirs Still Relevant in Modern Worship?

February 26, 2017

By Mark C. Powers, South Carolina Baptist Convention


Unraveling the "Announcement Enigma"

December 05, 2016

QUESTION: Our church makes announcements immediately following the worship music. This feels like.


Leading Worship through Song List Curation

November 16, 2015

by Adam Kurihara(originally posted at the Seedbed Worship Design Collective)


Being A Leader vs. Being In Charge

June 08, 2015

Are we leading or are we just in charge?


3 Powers Of Downbeat Time (Starting Rehearsals On Time Is A New Phrase Away)

May 25, 2015

It’s Sunday morning, and rehearsal was supposed to begin at 8:00 am. Your electric guitar player.

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