5 Things to Remember for Your Choir Rehearsal

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There are SO many things to remember for a great choir rehearsal but here are 5 important ones.

1.) Whether you have 45 minutes or 90 minutes of rehearsal time, plan out the flow of the rehearsal. It's imperative that leaders realize the importance of being prepared. A great rehearsal experience is one that flows and keeps the excitement and energy throughout the entire practice.

2.) Make sure the rehearsal space is clean. I've seen some rehearsal areas that were unkept with sheet music all over the place. That's not an environment people feel comfortable in. Clean up. Clean up. Everybody everywhere.

3.) Always start on time. If you don't start on time then it sets a precedent that it's okay to be late. 5 minutes wasted is 5 minutes during the rehearsal for a moment of prayer or reviewing a song.

4.) Don't forget that prayer is an important part of your rehearsal time. Yes it's rehearsal but praying together is part of preparing our hearts for worship.

5.) Remember you're growing a community. So, make sure everyone gets to know each other. This will help your ministry thrive throughout the year. Relationships. Relationships. Relationships.

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Regi Stone

Regi Stone

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