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Use Zoom to Add Zest to Your Music Ministry!

May 15, 2020

by Vince WilcoxIn our experience, Discover Worship members tend to be a little older and a little.


4 Strategies to Help Your Choir Improve Their Sight-Reading Skills

April 17, 2019

by Ashley DanyewIt's one the greatest musical skills you can help your choir develop: singing and.


Christmas in July: 12 Things to Do Now to Make December More Successful!

July 09, 2018

by Vince Wilcox

We’ve all heard the adage “Proper planning prevents poor performance.” There’s a.


Easy Does It–How to Find Simple Choir Songs

April 06, 2018
by Luke Woodard

Have you experienced this disappointment? You hand out a new anthem to the.


"Hello, My Name Is..."

May 23, 2017

Your New Year's Revolution!

December 07, 2015

As you and your worship leadership team approach the New Year, I would like to encourage you to do.


10 Best Practices for Worship Vocalists

September 07, 2015

The vocals in a worship band are an instrument, and when played well, musically, and in intentional.


3 Powers Of Downbeat Time (Starting Rehearsals On Time Is A New Phrase Away)

May 25, 2015

It’s Sunday morning, and rehearsal was supposed to begin at 8:00 am. Your electric guitar player.


Looking FOURward: November

November 10, 2014

OK, the holidays are on us, or as Archie Bunker once said, “once again at our throats.” It can.


Looking FOURward: September

September 01, 2014

A little preliminary work now and a little thinking about the months ahead will save some anxiety.


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