So You're Starting a Kids Worship Ministry (Part 3)

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In the last two posts in this series, I encouraged you to do some of the ground-work that needs to be done before you launch your new children’s worship ministry.

So now, you might be at the point of getting this thing off the ground.  So... I am about to say something that is really, really profound.  Are you ready for it? 

Start where you are.

Here’s what I mean.  Sometimes people have a fantastic and God-inspired vision for what could be, and fail to realize that there is a lot of time, work and growing that needs to take place before that vision comes to pass.  Those of us that are parents realize that when a child is born, it takes a lot of work to help that child grow in a healthy way.  It is the same with your new kids worship ministry... Rarely do you find a group of kids that are eager to spend time in God’s presence right out of the starting gate.  I can almost guarantee that your children will need teaching, example, and opportunity.

1) Teaching -  As you launch your new worship ministry, it might be a good idea to spend a week or two teaching your children what it means to worship.  You kids will have questions such as “Why are you closing your eyes?”, “Why does God want us to sing to Him?”, “What does ‘Here I raise my Ebenezer’ mean?”  The answers might seem obvious to you, but a 7 year old will need to be taught, regardless of whether or not they were born and bred in church.

Be just Googled “Ebenezer”, didn’t you?

2) Example - Children learn a great deal by watching people that they admire.  You kids are watching you for their cues.  Make sure that you and your leaders are modelling worship for your kids.  When they see that you are engaged, they will be more likely to engage as well.

3) Opportunity - Make sure that you are giving your kids plenty of opportunity to engage in worship that is appropriate to where they are.  As you launch, your children might not be ready for some of the slower, more introspective stuff.  Get them moving to some action songs or faster worship.  Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t look like your ideal at this point.  The rowdy worship is as meaningful for them as the slower stuff is for you.  As time goes on, you can gradually introduce them to quieter worship songs.  Both may eventually be appropriate, but only when your kids are ready.

Time, patience and persistence.  As you consistently make worship a priority, I have no doubt that you will be amazed at how God causes this brand new worship ministry to grow over time.  As you lead, they will follow.


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Dan Bursey

Dan Bursey

Dan Bursey is a full-time family entertainer, worship leader, and children's communicator from the east coast of Canada. Dan think that kids need to have God's word stuck in their heads and that there is no better way to do that than through music. After ten years of full-time kids and youth ministry, Dan now uses humor, music and creativity to teach kids all over the country just how much God loves them, and that they can change the world by using their talents to make a difference in the world around them. Dan lives with his wife, 3 kids, and 2 smelly dogs in Lewisporte, Newfoundland.

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