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Luke Woodard

Luke Woodard is the engraver and editor of all the music on Discover Worship. With an experienced ear for transcription and arranging, he creates charts for many publishers, artists and churches. If you're interested in custom arrangements or engraving, feel free to e-mail him via

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An Interview with Arranger Luke Woodard

August 06, 2018


Discover Worship: Hi! Welcome to Discover Worship! My name is Vince Wilcox, and I’m here.


The Best of Both Worlds: Blending Choir & Worship Team

May 07, 2018


by Luke Woodard


Over the last two decades, many churches have migrated from the.


Easy Does It–How to Find Simple Choir Songs

April 06, 2018
by Luke Woodard


Have you experienced this disappointment? You hand out a new anthem to the.


The Wrong Key (and How to Find the Right One!)

October 05, 2015



In a previous post, we discussed the current wealth of worship music playing on the.


Worship On The Radio

February 26, 2014

The Christian music industry is currently creating a steady stream of new songs written.


Improving Your Choir by Building The Blend

September 19, 2013


Getting a good blend out of your choir can be hard. But when everyone sings with the same. more

Variety For Variety's Sake

September 13, 2013

I’ve been around local church music ministry all my life. My parents met in a church choir. We.


"Good" Worship?

September 05, 2013

“The worship was so good today!”


No Normal Singing

August 29, 2013

Typically, we look at choral arrangements in terms of dynamic peaks and valleys. The verse.


How Re-runs Help Your Music Program

August 22, 2013

Because of the nature of the volunteer church choir, most Sundays you’ll be singing something.


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