How Big Is Your Worship Team?

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Your worship team is probably bigger than you think. It's not just the choir, and praise team, and band, and orchestra and any of the other “up front” people that are highly visible on stage.

It's also the tech crew, those that handle sound and lighting (however complex or simple it may be), and those who are involved in any sort of media presentation, electronic or even in print. They're part of your worship team.

Ushers and greeters, too. They're part. Their job isn't just to dole out a smile and hand out a bulletin and help people find a seat. Their real job is to help usher people into an encounter with God.

How about this – the grounds crew? Those who cut the grass, trim the hedges, paint the trim, pull the weeds, sweep the sidewalk, clean the glass and polish the doorknobs. Attention to those sorts of things speaks loudly about how important we feel worship is.

Everything that people encounter once they step onto your church's property on a Sunday morning affects their worship experience. And everyone involved in, or responsible for, what people encounter are, in fact, part of your worship team.

They're all worship leaders. No question about that.

The only question is: what kind of leaders are they going to be?

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Marty Parks

Marty Parks

Marty Parks is a composer, arranger, orchestrator and producer with over 900 songs and arrangements in print. His work is represented by major choral print publishers around the country. He is a frequent conference leader and workshop speaker whose first devotional book, Quiet Moments for Worship Leaders, came out of his own experience in reflecting on the word of God, and out of his passion to see the same developed in others. His work, as well as current projects, activities and appearances, can be found at

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