3rd Sunday of Advent: Songs of Shepherds & Joy

3rd Sunday of Advent: Songs of Shepherds and Joyby Jaymey Hardin

Featured below is our short list of arrangements for the 3rd Sunday of Advent: Songs of Shepherds and Joy. These songs are a great fit for your week 3 worship services in the Advent season. Many of our member churches celebrate this season by lighting a candle on each of the four Sundays leading up to Christmas, reading Scripture verses, and singing songs on the themes of Advent.

Typically, the four candles symbolize Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace–and are lit in that order. For
 some churches, the order of the candles and their meaning varies somewhat, but this week we'll focus on the theme of Joy as marked by the lighting of the "Shepherd's Candle." Often pink or rose in color, this candle reminds us of the joy that comes with Jesus' arrival and the joy we experience through His gift of salvation. "Rejoice," for "indeed the Lord is near."

The songs featured below will be a great addition to any worship service throughout the Christmas season, so be sure to check them out!

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How Great Our JoySATB (EASY)
How Great Our Joy
How Great Our Joy (w/ video track) 

Arranged by Camp Kirkland
A crisp arrangement of the classic carol for SATB choir with a slightly modern piano accompaniment by arranger Camp Kirkland. Excellent addition to a traditional worship service during the Christmas season. [Lyric video accompaniment track available for Unlimited PLUS Members.]

Shepherds Medley2-PART (EASY)
Shepherds Medley
Arranged by Ed Kee
A medley of The First Noel and Hark! the Herald Angels Sing, this easy Christmas arrangement features 2-part choir with a few well-chosen moments of 3 parts and a full SATB finish. Ready in one rehearsal!

Joy to the world3-PART (EASY)
Joy to the World
Arranged by Dave Williamson
Dave Williamson brings this soulful rendition of Joy To The World to life with a relaxed gospel groove. Arranged for a 3-part choir or praise team, this piece would be an excellent addition to any blended or contemporary Christmas worship service!

How Great Our Joy
Arranged by Luke Woodard
Arranged for piano, flute and clarinet, this instrumental trio develops with classical precision offset by contemporary syncopation. Well-suited for an offertory or prelude. [Note: may be performed with any combination of C (flute, violin, etc.) and Bb instruments (clarinet, trumpet, etc.)]

O Come All Ye FaithfulKIDS 2-PART (EASY)
O Come All Ye Faithful
Arranged by Dennis Allen
Energetic and exciting, this simple arrangement is great for a children's choir, but is also perfect for a small band-lead sing-along for the whole congregation.

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Jaymey Hardin

Jaymey Hardin

Jaymey Hardin has been a noteworthy leader in the Contemporary Christian Music market for more than 20 years. Known for his work in marketing, product development, and A&R, he is also credited for his contributions as a videographer and musician. He is the son of a preacher man and has a heart for the church. He and his wife, Lindsay live in Franklin, TN, and are expecting their very first... dog.

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