5 Keys to Picking Great Kids Choir Music

5 KEYS TOP PICKING KIDS MUSIC_640x361by Vince Wilcox

Even though Discover Worship doesn’t specialize in kid’s choir music, we still offer more than 180 children's anthems, musicals, and collections for immediate download, rehearsal, and performance. As you consider our titles and others available in the marketplace, we offer these 5 keys to picking great kids music.

1. Memorable

Kids are like big people, only smaller. The more they like something, the more they’ll want to do it. When it comes to picking great kids’ music, you can’t lose with catchy, singable melodies. I just checked, YouTube’s “Baby Shark” video clip has more than 2.2 BILLION views! That’s what we in the music industry call “sticky.” The more kids like a song, the more they’ll want to sing it. Choosing memorable music makes your job as kids choir director exponentially easier.
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2. Biblical

Sometimes what goes without saying should be said. Because we’re teaching our kids about God through song lyrics, we need to exercise great care about the words that are attached to these memorable melodies. How well do these songs represent the truths revealed in Scripture? If a song’s theology is dubious or absent, consider choosing another song. Even old chestnuts like “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands” may not have great theology—the lyrics are just there to get the kids to clap, stomp, and shout. As an alternative, check out Don Turney's "Clap Your Hands" that sets the action song lyrics into a biblical context. 

3. Musical

Kids choir may be a child’s first exposure to the discipline of music. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach very basic music theory (i.e. notes, rhythm, harmony, dynamics) as well as core singing techniques (i.e. tone, breath support, posture). Don’t settle for kids singing words off a flip chart. We recommend looking into graded kids choir curriculums such as those developed by the “Growing in Grace” educators at Celebrating Grace. Training a children’s choir today means your church will have a competent adult choir in the years to come.

4. Emotional

Sure, novelty and action songs are fun, but make sure to pick some children’s choir pieces that will work their way into the hearts of your young singers—and their parents. As you know, a lot of teens who leave church when they get their driver’s licenses don’t return until they have kids of their own. Sometimes, the best way to a parent’s heart is through the voice of their child. Make sure you’ve chosen songs that can speak deeply into their hearts.

5. Attainable
It’s okay to pick music that’s a little challenging, as long as you have the time and resources to help the kids master it. Nothing turns a kid off more than crashing and burning onstage. Likewise, few things are as inspiring as learning something you didn’t know and then doing something well that you’ve never done before. Kids choir is a wonderful opportunity for children to develop a sense of pride in their communal performance. That’s why it’s important to balance challenge with attainability. Help them win, and they’ll want to stay in the game.
Get 3 of Our Best Kids Songs FREE:  Includes demos, piano and vocal charts, and much more!

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Vince Wilcox

Vince Wilcox

Vince Wilcox served as general manager of Discover Worship from 2014 to 2020. As Contributing Editor, he continues to bring his varied experiences as attorney, marketer, entrepreneur, musician, and product creator to help worship leaders acquire resources to glorify God and transform lives. In addition to his duties at Discover Worship, Vince is the full-time director of the Music Business program at Trevecca Nazarene University and active in his local church.

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