10 Fabulous Kids Christmas Musicals & Collections!


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and it just wouldn't be the same without children! We can't imagine Christmas without their smiles, their laughter, the silly things they say, the joy they bring, and especially the songs they sing!

Below, we've put together a list of 10 Fabulous Kids Christmas Musicals & Collections! These fun and easy pieces give you some great opportunities to include your church kids and create a wonderful Christmas experience that your congregation will love and cherish! 

Discover Worship not only offers dozens individual kids Christmas pieces, we also offer several seasonal children's musicals, mini-musicals, and collections. All of these are available for immediate download for our Unlimited PLUS Members. Click on the titles below to preview the audio and PDF of the entire work!
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35725 Carols for KidsThese easy-to-learn arrangements infuse familiar favorites with pop energy that your kids will love. Sing as a mini-concert or pull out any title as a stand-alone special to feature your children's choir this year.

5 Carols for Kids Vol. 2: These fresh yet familiar Christmas favorites, simply arranged for unison and 2-part kids choir, can be mixed and matched to use as a mini-concert or as individual specials over the Advent calendar. Don’t miss the perfect opportunity for your kids’ choir to lead worship during the Christmas season!


All Because Jesus Is BornAn adorable, easy-to-learn Christmas song for children's choir or ensemble arranged by Jeff Lippencott. Use for a special moment in your Christmas musical or as a part of a Sunday morning service. 

4950And You Will Know Him: A Slugs & Bugs Kids Christmas Mini-MusicalDrawn from Randall Goodgame’s wildly popular “A Slugs & Bugs Christmas”, this incredibly fun mini-musical for pre-K - early elementary tells the story of a shepherd dad and son who obey the angels’ command to find Jesus in the manger. Unison choir and solo, minimal set and costumes.


Best of Kids Christmas - UnisonA collection of 5 delightful contemporary Christmas songs perfect for your unison children's choir or your youngest soloists. From bright and bouncy to delicate and worshipful, your congregation and kids alike will be blessed through these thoughts of the glory and importance of the birth of Christ.


Come and Worship: A Contemporary Christmas Carol Sing-AlongIf you’re looking for fun holiday music for kids of any age, this upbeat 9-song Christmas Carol sing-along for unison and two-part choir (w/occasional solo) is a blast! Simple enough for younger kids, but contemporary enough for a middle-school or even a retirement home. 

Every Little Angel

Every Little Angel: This 6-song children's musical features an easy-to-learn, two person drama and is a breeze to teach and a joy to behold. Every Little Angel will bless children and parents alike.

iHope Christmas

iHope ChristmasWhen Max and Hope plan for their upcoming "iHope Christmas Spectacular", they ask Aunt Mo and her showbiz friends for inspiration. With parts for adults and children, this pop-driven musical features singable arrangements, laughs, and a clear presentation of the Christmas story.

TWWS-coverThe Whole World Sings at ChristmasThis 30-minute musical for older children/youth gets straight to the heart of the Christmas story: Jesus was born so that we might be born again. The 8 songs—including 3 familiar carols—are fun and upbeat and arranged in unison and 2-part. Simple, short narration can be handled by 3 kids.

This Year's New & Improved Kids ChristmasThis Year’s New & Improved Kids Christmas Music Spectacular! Arranged for ages 6-10, this engaging 24-minute “musical within a musical” tells the story of a kids choir seeking a Christmas musical that’s better than last year’s disaster. Instead of the “hippest” new music book, they find their inspiration in the Bible’s account of Jesus’ birth!

Discover Worship offers thousands of fully pre-viewable and instantly downloadable pieces of great church music...including hundreds of songs for children--at one low annual price tiered to the average church attendance. Click here to find out how little an annual membership costs!
Get 3 of Our Best Kids Songs FREE:  Includes demos, piano and vocal charts, and much more!

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