This Year’s New & Improved Kids Christmas Music Spectacular!


Arranged in unison and two-part for children’s choir (ages 6-10), this engaging 24-minute Christmas musical for children's choir tells the story of a kids choir and director seeking a Christmas musical that’s better than last year’s disaster.


Instead of the “hippest and hottest” new music book, they find their inspiration in the Bible’s account of Jesus’ birth! Along the way, they memorize key scriptures and enjoy singing 3 familiar carols.

In addition to your children’s choir, the cast includes a Choir Director and four kids with speaking parts. Your set is simple: anywhere your kids would normally rehearse.
The musical begins at the first rehearsal, with the kids pouring in from all sides of the stage. They gather on the floor around the Choir Director, who then presents them with some humorous songbook options for this year’s Christmas program.

The kids give a big “thumbs down” to “Kris Kringle’s Chill North Pole Hip-Hop Party Mix,”   “Guardians of the Universe Sci-Fi Fantasy Christmas Advent-ture,” and “Super-Sentimental TV Christmas Favorites: The Musical.” Instead, they want to use the Bible as the script for their Christmas program, beginning with “Jesus’ Family Tree,” a ridiculously fun setting of Christ’s genealogy in Matthew arranged by Kris Crunk.

The kids then read Luke’s account of the shepherds and angels. They sing Russell Mauldin’s upbeat arrangement of the familiar spiritual, “Go Tell It On the Mountain,” followed by Jeff Lippencott’s worshipful, “Hallelujah.”

The script returns to Matthew’s story of wise men following a star, punctuated by Stan Morse’s delightful “Every Little Angel.” The star leads them to the manger with Hal Wright’s “Star of Bethlehem.”

The kids realize that the first Christmas was full of worship and wonder. They join the praise with Travis Cottrell and Paul Marino’s high-energy version of “Joy to the World.”

The Choir Director wraps it up by exclaiming that the kids have actually put together a Spectacular Kids Christmas program. Your kids choir and congregation concludes with Dennis Allen’s jubilant “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

- - -

This Year’s New & Improved Kids Christmas Spectacular joins four other kids Christmas musicals as well as more than two dozen adult Christmas musicals, mini-musicals, and suites that are fully available for download for one low annual price to our Unlimited Members. If you’re not currently a subscriber, click here for pricing.

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