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The Hope of Christmas

July 18, 2022

Welcome to this short preview of Discover Worship’s exclusive new musical, The Hope of.


Together Again: A Cozy Family Christmas

July 12, 2021

Get ready for an evening to remember! Welcome to our preview of Discover Worship’s new and.


This Christmas, Let's Keep It Simple!

November 04, 2020

by Jaymey Hardin 

It's almost mid-November and the holidays are just around the corner! With that.


The Innkeeper's Daughter

June 28, 2019


Discover Worship recently debuted "Christmas, Night of Angels!" the first of two new and. more

Christmas, Night of Angels!

June 26, 2019


Several of our members have asked when Discover Worship would release a Christmas work with. more

Once Upon A Holy Night

January 04, 2019


Welcome to this quick overview of...



Arranged by Bradley Knight and.


The Glorious Story of Christmas

January 04, 2019

Welcome to this quick overview of Discover Worship’s exclusive Christmas work, 



Sing We Now of Christmas: A Festival of Carols

August 29, 2018


We set out to create an opportunity for your congregation to not only celebrate the season but. more

Come and Worship: A Contemporary Christmas Carol Sing-Along

August 13, 2018


If your congregation likes sing-along carols, you'll want to consider this option for our. more

Christ Has Come: An Advent Celebration

August 07, 2018
There are few arrangers who combine artistry and accessibility like   Phillip Keveren . Discover. more
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