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Is There One Best Way to Format a Worship Set?

September 03, 2016

QUESTION: Either by habit or by preference, I find myself structuring our worship sets in a very.


Assessing The Room Volume

August 05, 2016



Even people who don’t think they can sing will sing in the shower … and enjoy it! Why?


How Often Should We Introduce New Congregational Worship Songs?

August 01, 2016

QUESTION: How Often Should We Introduce New Congregational Worship Songs?


What's Better: Traditional Church Choir or Worship Team?

July 04, 2016

QUESTION: Do you think a traditional choir is better than a worship team or praise band?


How to Tell My Pastor a Song He Selected Doesn't Work

June 06, 2016

QUESTION: We love our pastors and work closely with them to create a worship music set that’s.


Sharing the Joy of Worship with Team Members

May 02, 2016

QUESTION: After spending a week praying, planning, and worshiping on my own about an upcoming.


How Can We Add Musical Diversity to Our Services?

April 04, 2016

QUESTION:  We have a somewhat diverse congregation and live in an economically diverse community..


Leading Worship through Song List Curation

November 16, 2015

by Adam Kurihara(originally posted at the Seedbed Worship Design Collective)


The Wrong Key (and How to Find the Right One!)

October 05, 2015



In a previous post, we discussed the current wealth of worship music playing on the radio.


Moment of Silence Before God

September 21, 2015

by Brian Rhea (originally posted at the Seedbed Worship Design Collective)

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