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Holy Week Music Offerings: Songs for Palm Sunday

February 05, 2022

by Jaymey HardinIn this special feature on Holy Week Music Offerings, we'll explore a list of songs.


Songs of Hope for a New Year

January 01, 2022

by Jaymey HardinIt's a new year and a new season. Let's start it off right with this list of "Songs.


Discover Worship's Best of 2021

December 12, 2021

by Jaymey HardinThe list below represents Discover Worship's Best of 2021. These Top 10 downloads.


Easy Last-Minute 2-Part Anthems for Christmas

December 06, 2021

by Jaymey HardinIf you're looking for something quick and easy for your choir or ensemble this.


Easy Last-Minute 4-Part Medleys for Christmas

November 28, 2021

by Jaymey HardinWhether you're needing last-minute Christmas music or you're looking for something.


5 Fabulous Brass Pieces for Christmas

November 14, 2021

by Jaymey HardinWe couldn't let this season pass without featuring some of our best and brightest.


8 Excellent Suites & Mini-Musicals for Advent

November 08, 2021

by Jaymey HardinWelcome to our list of 8 Excellent Suites & Mini-Musicals for Advent! These.


4th Sunday of Advent: Songs of Angels & Peace

October 29, 2021

by Jaymey HardinThe following selections are for the 4th Sunday of Advent: Songs of Angels and Peace


3rd Sunday of Advent: Songs of Shepherds & Joy

October 24, 2021

by Jaymey HardinFeatured below is our short list of arrangements for the 3rd Sunday of Advent:.


2nd Sunday of Advent: Songs of Bethlehem & Love

October 18, 2021

by Jaymey HardinBelow, you'll find a list of songs specifically curated for the 2nd Sunday of.


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